How to apply Delhi lockdown e-pass

What is e-Pass?

An e-Pass is an indicator that you have permission to step outside and travel during the Covid-19 curfew for your work. The central government has also asked the state governments to enforce the guidelines in containment zones.

Home Union Ministry of State Government announced the latest guidelines to formulate local Covid-19 related guidelines and issue e-Passes without any discrimination with anyone.

Everyone people who give us essential services like shops dealing with groceries, meat, medicines, fruits & vegetables, petrol pumps, banks & insurance offices, delivery of food, among others, so they will need an e-Pass then the government will be allowed to produce. District Magistrates are wholly responsible for the issuance of e-Passes in the lockdown period.

The Indian government has put an online system in place to get lockdown e-Pass in various states across the country.

In view of the movement of e-pass services during the period the e-Pass framework is being used by 17 states government of India.

How to apply for e-Pass in Delhi online?

In the below, we are stating how to apply for an e-Pass:

1. Go to the government website

2. Select the language

3. Click on the option and select e-Pass for travel during curfew then click on submit button.

4. Enter your name, Contact number, District, Address of office, Type of service, among others and upload an ID proof.

5. Submit a letter from your employer or establishment stating that the person is associated with providing essential services or commodities to society.

6. Click on the Submit button.

7. When you submit the form, your e-Pass number will be generated.

8. When e-Pass was confirmed, then applicants will receive an SMS. The e-Pass can be download on mobile or PC.