What is Pulse Oximeter?

The Pulse Oximeter is a mechanism used to measure the oxygen level of blood and extremely useful for patients who are suffering from coronavirus. The Pulse Oximeter can measure the amount of oxygen in the blood without testing the blood sample.

What should be your Oxygen Level?

The normal level of oxygen usually ranges from 95 to 100 percent in the Pulse Oximeter. Under the level of 90 percent range marks a low level of oxygen and indicates the need for supplemental oxygen to patients. This condition is referred to as Hypoxemia.

The Government has shared a step by step guidelines on, what’s the right way to use Pulse Oximeter and keep monitoring of blood oxygen level.

How to use a Pulse Oximeter and check oxygen level

Step 1: Before putting your finger inside the Oximeter remove your nail polish, false nails, etc. then warm your hand by rubbing together, if cold.

Step 2: Rest for at least 5 minutes before taking your measurement.

Step 3: Rest your hand on your chest at heart level & hold it still.

Step 4: Now you have to switch on the Oximeter and place it on either your middle finger or index finger.

Step 5: Keep the Oximeter in place for at least a minute or longer till the reading stable.

Step 6: Once it has not changed for 5 seconds and peak stability, then record the highest result.

Step 7: Identify each reading carefully.

Step 8: Start recording from baseline & record three times a day in the interval of 6 hours.

How to use Pulse Oximeter